Gear List for Alaska Hunts

Alaska weather is always changing so be sure to layer clothes. Listed below are suggestions of gear that will help to make for a more comfortable hunt.

  • 1 pair rain gear, lightweight Gore-Tex is suitable but stretchable pvc type rain gear, such as
  • Helly Hansen Impertech is highly recommended
  • 2 pair of fleece, or synthetic pants-avoid heavyweight style
  • 1 synthetic jacket- shell
  • 1 mid-weight fleece jacket or pullover
  • 2 thermal shirts, Duofold, Thermax are very good-mid-weight, or lighter
  • 1-2 thermal bottoms, (Duofold midweight has two layers of material, 1 layer wool, and 1 of 100% thermax)
  • 1 extra fleece shirt or pullover if weight allows, you should be prepared for temps in the mid 60’s to mid 20’s.
  • 5-7 top quality hiking socks
  • 1 daypack – 2500 cubic inches from brands such as mystery ranch or stone glacier
  • 1 Sleeping bag: Synthetic bags rated between 0º to 20º degrees are fine.
  • 1 Therma-rest self inflating pads are great.
  • 1 warm hat.
  • Gloves- any waterproof glove is good, although neoprene tends to sweat
  • Boots-recommended brands include Crispi, Kenetrek or Zamberland
  • 1 pair camp shoes
  • 1 pair of gaiters recommend Kenetrek, outdoor research, KUIU or Sitka

Miscellaneous Gear:

  • Small knives, suitable for caping animals are preferred.
  • 2 Nalgene type water bottles, at least 32 ounces each
  • Flashlight-small LED headlamp, or similar. Headlamps are recommended
  • First aid-prescriptions, ibuprofen, gel blister pads
  • Binoculars-8×40 minimum, but 10×42 are best
  • Spotting scope is optional as all guides carry one
  • Laser rangefinder is optional, as guides pack one.
  • 20 rounds of Ammo should be sufficient, but 30 is not too much
  • Camera

Spring bear hunts depending on hunt time frame may require specialized gear I will contact you with a more extensive list if applicable.