Rampage Alaska

Trophy Big Game Hunting The Last Frontier

Alaska’s unique terrain provides the ideal conditions for 10 of the most sought after big game trophy species. Your guide, Conor Halloran, is an Alaskan resident and avid outdoorsman.  Spending over half the year in the Alaskan wilderness contributes to Conor’s unprecedented knowledge of the game patterns, population and trends, creating a knowledge base for an exceptional success rate for trophy animals.

Hunts are conducted in Game Management Unit (GMU) 20, one of Alaska’s most game rich environments. GMU 20 is home to the largest moose density in the state, allowing for a healthy population of grizzly bear, black bear and wolf. Along with a large moose population, GMU 20 supports an abundant amount of Dall sheep one of Alaska’s most majestic big game animals. Our hunts in this area are conducted by horseback allowing for hunters to cover vast areas and be rested for a trek up the mountain after the trophy of a lifetime.

Your guide: Conor Halloran

Prepare for your Hunt

Things to do to prepare for the hunt:

  • Make sure all gear is comfortable
  • The hunt is not a place you are going to want to break in your boots. I would suggest wearing your boots daily for about two weeks to break them in (getting them wet and wearing them can speed this process up).
  • Be in the best shape possible it will make your hunt more enjoyable and increase your chances to connect with the trophy of a lifetime
  • Be PROFICIENT with your rifle ideally to about 300 yards (further is better especially for sheep, they often position themselves in wide open terrain)

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